Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kyrgyzstan 1 - USA 0

So downtown Bishkek has a statue every 15 or so feet.  Seriously.  You know the Literary Walk in Central Park?  The whole city's kind of like that.
Today we walked a new way around town and approached this statue
Which of course I assumed was some sort of surrealist chicken, a giant Joan Miro or something.  Unfortunately, when we got to the other side, it turned into this...
Which is actually pretty cool as Kozhomkul is a real/mythical 20th century Kyrgyz wrestler (btw, the best thing I did before coming here was learn to read Cyrillic).
 To me, this is like if NYC decided to erect a giant statue of Andre the Giant overturning a car of French jerks.  So Bishkek, you win this round...

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